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Insight Meditation Houston hosts retreats at the Margaret Austin Center near Chappell Hill, Texas and at the Cenacle Retreat House in Houston. The Margaret Austin Center offers a quiet sanctuary for groups and individuals seeking the benefit and healing provided by being close to nature. Although based in Buddhist teachings, the retreats are non-sectarian; they complement any spiritual or religious practice. They are held in silence, with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. Each day begins with simple yoga postures and includes instruction in meditation, a “dharma” talk on Buddhist philosophy and ideals, a work period (vegetable chopping, floor sweeping, etc.) and a period of rest. Group or individual interview with the instructor are held during the course of the retreat.


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FUTURE RETREATS – SAVE DATES – details to follow

Friday April 27-Sunday April 30th, 2017 Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
Description: The Natural Mind – Your mind – the mind that allows you to read this page, to hear the sounds around you, to smell, to taste, to feel, to think and to know that these things are happening – is the mind of all the Buddhas of the past, present, and future. This natural mind is the source, substance and expression of innate freedom and ease; the ground and culmination of the Buddha’s teachings. Yet few of us recognize and live from this place. On this retreat, we will quiet our incessant mind-chatter and look more deeply into the nature of our own experience. Anyone can benefit from this exploration, so this retreat is being offered to both new and experienced meditators.
The cost of the retreat is $280 which includes room and board but does not include Dana for the teacher.
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– Scholarship forms will be accepted from February 26th until March 26th.
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May 20, 2017 – ‘The Four Foundations of Mindfulness”- Led by Ginger Clarkson – in Houston – Villa De Matel
This one day meditation retreat, entitled  ‘The Four Foundations of Mindfulness”, will be led by our community dharma leader Ginger Clarkson. The retreat will be held at Villa de Matel  (6510 Lawndale St, Houston, TX 770230) and is appropriate for both long-time meditators and beginners.

Retreat History 


  • January 27 – 29th, Led by Howie Cohn – Cenacle


  • January 30th – “Opening the heart” led by Ginger Clarkson
  • April 21 – 24th, 2016 Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • Sept 29 – Oct 2nd 2016 Led by Lila Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • April 23 – 26th with Howard Cohn (sponsored by Insight Meditation Houston)
  • September 18 – 20th with Howard Cohn – in Houston
  • October 1 to October 4 – Residential Retreat with Lila Kate Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center