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Insight Meditation Houston hosts retreats at the Margaret Austin Center near Chappell Hill, Texas and at the Cenacle Retreat House in Houston. The Margaret Austin Center offers a quiet sanctuary for groups and individuals seeking the benefit and healing provided by being close to nature. Although based in Buddhist teachings, the retreats are non-sectarian; they complement any spiritual or religious practice. They are held in silence, with alternating periods of sitting and walking meditation. Each day begins with simple yoga postures and includes instruction in meditation, a “dharma” talk on Buddhist philosophy and ideals, a work period (vegetable chopping, floor sweeping, etc.) and a period of rest. Group or individual interview with the instructor are held during the course of the retreat.


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Howie Cohn Retreat – Thursday April 26th through Sunday April 29th
Margaret Austin Center

Description: “Compassionate Awareness is Your Best Friend “- One of my teachers once said, “Marry the One who won’t divorce you!” This statement has diverse levels of meaning, but ultimately refers to something within us that can’t be taken away, something unconditional, indestructible and reliable. Everyone is looking for a reliable refuge, something, or someone, we can completely trust in. We often look for this refuge in things, in people and in situations that leave us dissatisfied and frustrated. The Buddha realized that the reliable refuge is the nature of our own mind. His teaching and methods help us to be introduced to, stabilize and ultimately trust awareness as the source and the cause of happiness, peace and freedom. This 3-day retreat will follow the Buddha’s path of cultivating awareness through the practice of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness.

You will realize that your awareness is your best friend. The poet Kabir said that we don’t realize that what is most alive lives inside our own house and we wander around confused. Sitting and walking in silence we can befriend ourselves. The retreat is suitable for new and experienced meditators. There will be systematic instructions in both sitting and walking meditations, Dharma talks, and opportunities for discussions with the teacher.

The cost of the retreat is $295 which includes room and board but does not include Dana for the teacher.
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Retreat History 


  • January 27  Led by Ginger Clarkson – West U Senior Center


  • January 27 – 29th, Led by Howie Cohn – Cenacle
  • April 27 – 30 th Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • May 20, Led by Ginger Clarkson – Ruah Center at Villa de Matel
  • Sept 28 – Oct 1st Led by Lila Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • January 30th – “Opening the heart” led by Ginger Clarkson
  • April 21 – 24th, 2016 Led by Howie Cohn – Margaret Austin Center
  • Sept 29 – Oct 2nd 2016 Led by Lila Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center


  • April 23 – 26th with Howard Cohn (sponsored by Insight Meditation Houston)
  • September 18 – 20th with Howard Cohn – in Houston
  • October 1 to October 4 – Residential Retreat with Lila Kate Wheeler – Margaret Austin Center