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Dharma Talks

The following talks, most of which are by Ginger Clarkson, have been given at the weekly meditation sittings of Insight Meditation Houston. They are sorted by speaker and, in Ginger’s case, by series topics. New talks are added regularly.

By Miriam Aponte


By Veronica Aristeguy

What’s Getting in they Way? – 6/19/2017

By Gabriel Clark

Drugs, Drag, and the Dharma – 2/20/2017

By Ginger Clarkson

The Three Refuges
Foundations of Mindfulness

Right Speech – 12/26/2016
Right Action and Right Livelihood – 1/9/2017
Right Effort – 1/16/2017
Right Concentration – 1/23/2017
Right Mindfulness – 1/30/2017
Right View
Right Thought
Right Speech
Right Action-Livelihood
Right Effort
Right Concentration
Right Mindfulness

Awakening Joy 1
Awakening Joy 2
Awakening Joy 3
Awakening Joy 4
Awakening Joy 5
Awakening Joy 6 
Awakening Joy 7
Awakening Joy 8

1st Paramita-Generosity
2nd Paramita-Ethics
3rd Paramita-Patience
4th Paramita-Joyous Effort
5th Paramita-Concentration
6th Paramita-Wisdom


Equanimity – adapting Jack Kornfield’s Imperfection Practice – 6/5/2017
Guided Gratitude Meditation from Jack Kornfield – 11/20/2017
Metta Practice
Mudita: Guided Practice
Mudita as Altruistic Joy
Equanimity per Donald Rothberg
Mudita – The Great Ball of Merit
Compassion & Forgiveness
The Great Ball of Merit – Practicing Sympathetic Joy
Equanimity – Lila Wheeler’s MAC Retreat
Mudita as Altruistic Joy Practice – 2/6/2017
Equanimity Practice – 3/6/2017

Ajahn Chah
Tales of Courage
InterSangha Report
Words about a Silent Retreat
Kindness to Oneself
Identity and Faith
Identity and The Five Aggregates
Shared Compassion
Be a Light Unto Yourself
Wise Effort
Travel Dharma
Wise Priorities

Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (1)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (2)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (3)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (4)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (5)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (6)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (7)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (8)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (9)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (10)
Tara Brach’s ‘True Refuge’ (11)

A Retreat with Shaila Catherine
Faith as a Spiritual Faculty
Energy as a Spiritual Faculty
Concentration as a Spiritual Faculty Wisdom as a Spiritual Faculty

Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (1)
Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (2)
Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (3)
Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (4)
Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (5)
Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (6)
Shaila Catherine’s ‘Focused and Fearless’ (7)

Gaia Consciousness
Reggie Ray’s ‘Touching Enlightenment’
Compassion for Immigrant Children

Practicing with Ardency
Clear Knowing
Compassion in Action
Mindfulness and Psychotherapy
Second Foundation of Mindfulness
Mindfulness: Gateway to Wisdom
May Sarton’s At Seventy
Concentration: The Collected Nature of the Mind
Silence, by Thich Nhat Hanh
Community as Practice
Seeing All Beings as Your Teachers
Anger & Ignorance
Reflections about Wisdom
Buddha’s Mindfulness

The Banyan Deer
The Abhidhamma, a Buddhist Map of the Mind Part 1
The Abhidhamma, a Buddhist Map of the Mind Part 2
Compassion in Dying
Dependent Origination
Spiritual Opening at Zen Sesshin Retreat, Won Dharma Center, NY
Wheel of Life
1st Paramita – Generosity
2nd Paramita – Ethics
3rd Paramita – Patience
4th Paramita – Joyous Effort
5th Paramita – Concentration
6th Paramita – Wisdom
Excerpts & Experience from Jack Kornfield’s Labor Day Retreat

Interbeing, a Buddhist principle of Thich Nhat Hanh – 7/24/2017
Howie Cohn Cenacle Retreat-1/27/17-1/29/17 Review – 5/22/2017
Andrea Castillo’s Intersangha Talk 2017 (edited by Ginger Clarkson) – 5/8/2017
Near Enemies – 1/2/2017
Generosity – 2/27/2017
Forgiveness Part 1 – 3/13/2017
Forgiveness Part 2 – 3/20/2017
Forgiveness Part 3 – 3/27/2017
Summary of InterSangha Meeting at Spirit Rock Meditation Center – 4/12/2017
The Heart of Compassion for Compassionate Houston Week – 4/24/2017
The Book of Joy Part 1 – 8/14/2017
The Book of Joy Part 2 – 8/22/2017
The Book of Joy Part 3 – 9/25/2017
Hurricane Harvey Stories, August, 2017 – 9/12/2017
Jack Kornfield “No Time Like the Present” Chapter 1 – 10/9/2017
Jack Kornfield “No Time Like the Present” Chapter 2 – 10/30/2017
Inter-Relations of 4 Sublime States, Adapted from Nyanaponika Thera – 11/6/2017

By Amira Gongora

Dharma Teachings in our ‘Mother’s Tongue’, the Romantic Language called Spanish – 6/26/2017

By Marilyn Jones

Dharma 101

By Pamela Lewis

The Warm, Hard Facts About Gratitude – 11/13/2017
Savoring and Mindfulness
Mystical Experience
Ten Percent Happier
Compassion: Its Cultivation, Practice and Benefits

By Marvin Lummis

Sand Through the Fingertips: The Dharma Seal of Impermanence – 2/13/2017
Where is the I?: The Second of the Dharma Seals: Nonself or Anatta – 7/17/2017
Dukkha, All Things Suffering – 10/23/2017

By Cindy Merrill

Insight into Physician Assisted Dying – 4/17/2017

By Stanley Merrill

Limiting Beliefs – 7/31/2017
American Mindfulness Approaches
Experiencing Our Own Noble Truths
Quotes, Parables, Poems
Howie Cohn’s Question

By Thuyet Nguyen

Introduction: The Eight Realizations
The First Realization
The Second Realization
The Sixth Realization
The Third and Seventh Realizations
The Third and Seventh Realizations: Part II – Voluntary Simplicity
The Eight Realizations: A Summary
Forgiveness Makes Life Whole

By Mark Ryan

A Glimpse at Mysticism
Holotropic Breathwork and Vipassana Meditation
Hosting His Holiness
Zorba the Monk

By Satya Shepherd

Cultivating True and Lasting Happiness
Equanimity in the Face of Our Own Reactivity

By Janet Vucinich

Practice and Work

By Eva Zsigmond

The Timeless Present Moment
Mind and Mindfulness